Estate Le Coq Enchanté

Nestled in the beautiful town of Cambremer, the estate Le Coq Enchanté is made up of authentic houses from the Auge area, a caravan filled with poetry, and a dome for a romantic night under the stars.
Whether you choose to rent or just book a room, depending on the season, the accommodations differ in comfort and character. This haven of peace, coiled within a garden and a one-hectare apple orchard, is a wonder to awaken your senses. Depending on the accommodation you choose, you can enjoy of an outdoor well-being area with its own panoramic sauna and Norwegian spa.


Rooms in July and August, and rentals the entire year

Les hébergements insolites et éphémères

Les locations disponibles à l'année

The Estate

Play with the interactive map to discover all the areas of the estate and the accommodations.


Discover our delicious, and creative meals prepared using seasonal products carefully chosen to share the moment with others all year long.

Discover, taste, experience...

The culinary experience of Le Coq Enchanté.

La Cuisine du Domaine à Cambremer

Our culinary lab

Located at the heart of the town, all our products are processed at the restaurant and are home-made

Charte Cuisine Le Coq Enchanté

Our charter

We favor local, organic, and well studied products.
The estate’s kitchen works mainly with PDO and CDO

Endy Houti Chef Domaine Le Coq Enchanté

Our chef

Endy revisits local recipes depending on the market, the farmer, the season… and his mood!


Within the estate

Cours de Yoga Cambremer


Intense revitalisation in harmony with nature in a unique place.

Massages et soins Cambremer

Massages and treatments

Enjoy unique massages and treatments in a house high on an ash tree.


Cambremer Normandie Domaine Le Coq Enchanté


Two minutes by foot from the Estate.
Liven up by its welcoming shopkeepers, our charming town will surprise you with its dynamism all year long.

Pays d'auge Domaine Le Coq Enchanté

Norman land

From the cider route to the flowery coast, discovering stud farms, picturesque towns, and mythical beaches, let yourself be carried along all the Norman wonders you can visit.