Enchantement, Valeurs et Engagements

A Tribute to My Normandy

The memories of several generations resonate in this small paradise: endless epicuriean parties under the stars, picking raspberries and making jam with my grandmother, summer showers in the washing place, and children running between the apple trees. I will never forget those autumn weekends playing cards while drinking hot cocoa in front of the chimney, as well as other happy memories…
This enchanted place has made me so happy that it was natural for me wanting to share it.
I have developed this project together with my team with all my sensibility motivated by the desire of enhancing this atmosphere outside of its time and to make a crossroad for values and encounters.
The poetry of this place is an endless source of inspiration…

Enjoy your stay, Anne-Sophie

Anne-Sophie Batteur Domaine Le Coq Enchanté

Values and commitments

More than an estate… A place for sharing, an environmentally responsible approach, commitment & human values.

L'environnement Domaine Le Coq Enchanté


We love the environment where we live and we wish to preserve it.
We pay attention to the impact our activities may have and we have implemented some guidelines to preserve the environment around us.

Le Patrimoine Domaine Le Coq Enchanté


Our accommodations were renovated with authorization of Bâtiments de France, respecting the Norman traditions of the Auge region. The decoration combines modernity with tradition to offer warm and authentic spaces.

Le Partage Domaine Le Coq Enchanté


Because human relations drive us. We wish to feature the skills and talents of those involved in the estate: our local producers as well as our artists.

Le Ressourcement Domaine Le Coq Enchanté


Well-being is a priority in the estate.
The Feng Shui inspiration of the garden allows the energy to flow harmoniously throughout the estate. Our vitality, wellness, and meditation spots offer ideal places to relax your “body and mind”.

Our values are reflected in our choices and our actions.

Qualité et Authenticité Domaine Le Coq Enchanté

The pursuit of quality and authenticity

We have a motto at the estate: we choose quality over quantity. We work close to producers in the area to bring you local specialties. Our products are chosen carefully and must meet our criteria. We choose primarily organic products.

The desire to commit

Anne-Sophie, president of the Affienou association, supports actions related to the development of education in Africa and teaching our children to share and live better together. The Jacques Batteur school saw the light of day at the heart of the small village of Affienou in the Sud-Comoé region and currently has 700 students. The association wishes to create a preschool and elementary school and continue to create awareness in France. Le Coq Enchanté supports these actions by donating a percentage of its profits.

La récolte des pommes au Domaine, un moment précieux

Babette, la biche sauvage du Domaine...

qui aime visiter nos hôtes !
Babeth la biche sauvage du Domaine Le Coq Enchanté